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Co-patent analyses provide an important base for monitoring the innovation cooperation. It will provide a solid base for the identification of inter-regional EU-EaP and intra-regional (EaP) thematic strengths and collaboration patterns, to bring to the fore the most active players, centres of excellence, and existing “hot” topics and links between R&I institutions.

Task 3.1 Co-patenting analysis focusing on international patents

The co-patenting analysis will provide an important base for monitoring the innovation cooperation and will allow the identification of relevant actors in the region – a primary target group for other innovation related activities of the project. The analysis will be based on OECD StatExtracts.

  • The analysis will cover the amount of co-patents per country and their development over time (2006-2015).
  • Issues such as patterns of foreign ownership, co-inventorship and thematic patterns will be addressed.
  • It will include analysis on co-inventors, co-applicants as well as inventors/applicants from different EaP and EU countries.

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