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European Technology Platforms

The European Technology Platforms (ETPs) constitute an EU initiative/concept with a key role in the EU’s innovation policies and landscape. The ETPs constitute a specific transnational type of networks that are industry led, with the aim to identify innovation and research needs and a strategy for their implementation through close industry - academia cooperation.

Task 3.4 Promoting the ETPs concept in EaP

The aim of this Task is to further promote and strengthen the ETPs concept by transferring the experience and creating links between the Ukrainian platforms and the ETPs and by expanding this approach to other EaP countries. More specifically this task will include:

  • A review the state-of-affairs of the Ukrainian technology platforms (UTPs), i.e. scientific fields, main actors in industry and academia, governance, strategy, funding etc.
  • A review in the other EaP countries to identify the most promising fields for setting-up national platforms and the involved actors/stakeholders.
  • A Workshop (Kiev) to create or reinforce the links between the ETPs and similar structures in EaP. It will bringing together the UTPs and ETP representatives from the relevant thematic fields, as well as representatives of the identified stakeholders in the other EaP countries. The concept of ETPs (objectives, strategy development, funding, governance, benefits, etc.) will be presented. (Kiev/UA; approx. 30 persons; 2nd year)
  • As a follow-up, support will be provided to the identified stakeholders with a potential to develop national technology platforms in their respective fields and countries, including wherever possible mentoring activities.


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