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Impact & Results

This pages highlights the impact and results the EaP PLUS project is aiming for. Results will be provided on an ongoing basis in conjunction with the project's activities.



Expected Impact of EaP PLUS (as stipulated by the call):

I: Ensuring close synergies with the international dimension of calls launched across Horizon 2020 to enhance the socio- economic impact of Horizon 2020 (notably through increased access to scientific excellence across the world and the opening up of new markets.

III: Increased coordination and synergies between policies and programmes of the Member States, the Associated Countries and the Union's international partners;

IV: More strategic priority setting for cooperation with the Union's international partners across the whole of Horizon 2020;

V: Stronger interaction between the Union's researchers and those of its international partners, including through a stronger participation of the Union's international partners in Horizon 2020;

The EaP PLUS Dissemination & Communication Plan (D5.1) will be developed at the beginning of the project under WP5 (describing among other the following components dedicated to dissemination:

  • Dissemination purposes and needs (analysis of the project needs with regard to expected project outputs).
  • Dissemination channels and tools (i.e. events, printed material, web platforms, audio-visual materials [i.e. short movie about the project, visualisation of “knowledge maps”], mass media [esp. social software applications], presentation of project results at scientific events organised by others, networking, press releases, newsletters).
  • Detailed schedule of dissemination activities according to the project Work Plan.

Furthermore, the plan will identify in detail the target audiences and the relevant stakeholders as well as other relevant projects/networks to ensure the exchange of results with them. In EaP PLUS the most important project outputs are either directed to policy stakeholders and agencies to support the cooperation between the EU and the EaP countries, or directly targeting research and innovation organisations and researchers from industry and academia to facilitate bi-regional STI cooperation.

The EaP PLUS Exploitation Strategy (D5.2) defines a tailored set of instruments and mechanisms for effective and sustainable exploitation of the project results to ensure the use of project results in further coordination activities and other pertinent STI cooperation interventions. In this respect the document serves as a guidance tool describing all measures whill shall be implemented in order to reach the expected impact.

Results and outcomes of the EaP PLUS project (continously complemented):


Project - Impact & Results


EaP PLUS Deliverable: Review of the state of development of clusters in EaP countries
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  • France

EaP PLUS Deliverable: Review of the state of development of clusters in EaP countries

The objective of this deliverable is to review the state of development of clusters in EaP countries, and to help strengthen...


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