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The EaP Plus has a goal to organize a series of 11 Webinars on H2020 promoting and enhancing the participation of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries in Horizon 2020 by making available training content and materials to a wider audience from academic or industrial background and especially to young researchers.

Also, 6 RDI-related webinars are planned on specific innovation-related topics, exploitation paths and other horizontal issues important for the EU-EaP RDI cooperation.

Webinars conducted by the EaP Plus project cover topics overviewing Horizon 2020 in general, and also related to specific H2020 calls and innovation related topics (RDI webinars). The EaP Plus webinars are designed and conducted by experienced consortium members, which are either professional NCPs or national information multipliers.

Connect to the webinars planned by the project using links given on webinar pages or view the information presented during implemented webinars in the form of Power Point presentations or in the form of video recording on EaP Plus YouTube channel


Upcoming webinars on H2020:

  • Webinar 10 (May-June, 2019) – From Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe
  • Webinar 11 (May-June, 2019) – topic to be decided

If you have questions about Horizon 2020 – mail us and we can discuss them in the form of the webinar!

Implemented webinars on H2020:

        View recording on Youtube

        View recording on Youtube

        View recording on Youtube

        View recording on Youtube

        View recording on Youtube


Planned webinars on RDI:

  • RDI Webinar 6 - Internationalization of RDI activities - Exploring the models of international innovation partnerships (June 2019)

Implemented webinars on RDI:

  • RDI Webinar 4 - "Impact maximisation in research and innovation collaborative projects (example of Horizon 2020 projects)" (24 May , 2018)

       View recording on Youtube

       View recording on Youtube


For any information about the webinars organised by EaP PLUS, please contact the task leader Ms. Olga Zyrina from IPPT-PAN (Olga.Zyrina (at) kpk.gov.pl)

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