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Info Days & NCPs

The National Contact Points (NCPs) of the EaP Countries are of critical importance when it comes to the diffusion of information about H2020. Therefore, EaP PLUS develops specific activities tailored to the NCPs' needs.

Following you can find a description of our activities as well as selected entries (events, documents, news etc.) targeting NCPs.

Task 2.1. Organisation of H2020 Info Days and of a local NCPs training

The Info Days (Activity 2.1a) will be organised at local level in cooperation with the NCP structures in EaP countries, if suitable, back to back to “Scientific Diaspora workshops”. The events will raise awareness on Horizon 2020 among researchers and research institutions in the EaP countries stimulating participation in  it by presenting the opportunities and good practices from EaP participation. They will be undertaken by experienced EU NCP structures, using the material and guidance provided by the EC. In addition, lessons learned from past H2020 calls will be also presented by project beneficiaries and evaluators.

This activity will be implemented during the first half of the project in order to impact on the participation in H2020. The Info Days will be planned in accordance to the H2020 calendar of calls for proposals allowing a timely preparation of potential applicants. Coordination will take place with the thematic directorates to avoid duplication with Info Days implemented by them (if any).

In parallel, since the experience showed that often H2020 NCPs are nominated but without receiving adequate training on their role and the way they should implement it, the project will organise one training session in each EaP country for the whole (national) NCP network (Activity 2.1b). The training will cover both horizontal (e.g. financial and administrative; infrastructure; etc.) and thematic aspects. It will take place at the beginning of the project to maximise its impact on H2020 applications. NCP Trainings could take place back to back with Info Days in the EaP countries, if this is necessary.

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