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Selection of Dr. Piotr Swiatek as External Reviewer of the EaP PLUS

Dr. Piotr Swiatek will act as the External Quality Control Expert for the project


  • Posted on: Feb 8, 2017
  • Greece

Tags: EaP PLUS project news

Following an international call for tenders, the EaP PLUS Management Board has selected Dr. Piotr Swiatek for the position as External Quality Control Expert.

Dr. Swiatek is a Science Officer at the Programme Management Agency, PTJ, Jülich, Germany. Expert for the inter-governmental Steering Group of the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), Dr. Swiatek is leading the capacity building Work Package of the EU Network of National Contact Points for Energy in Horizon 2020. He is Scientific Secretary of the inter-governmental Committee MPNS at COST, an expert evaluator for German bilateral energy projects with Turkey, South-East Asia, Latin America and India as well as an expert evaluator for FP5 and FP6 projects.

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