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EaP PLUS partner BelISA manages Belarus pavilion at EXPO in Kazakhstan

Belarus’s pavilion at EXPO2017 in Astana invites you to celebrate Belarus National Day on 13 August 2017.


  • Posted on: Aug 11, 2017
  • Belarus

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National Day of the Republic of Belarus at EXPO2017 at August 13, 2017

Following the main EXPO-2017 theme, the thematic blocks of the Belarusian display at EXPO2017 reflect the achievements of the country in energy saving, energy efficiency, ecologically clean production, use of renewable energy sources, mitigation of nature damaging by economic activities. A block of investment projects is aimed to attract investors for implementing new energy saving and ecologically clean technologies at the leading enterprises in mechanical engineering, petro chemistry and production of consumer goods. One can also find there developments in alternative energy, reduction of carbon dioxide emission, energy efficient mode of life, production of energy saving and ecologically clean machinery, energy saving and energy efficient construction technologies, energy transmission control systems, ICT and aviation & space technologies generated by national researchers.

This is for the first time that organizing and managing of Belarus’s pavilion at EXPO is entrusted to Belarusian Institute of System Analysis, EaP PLUS partner, http://www.belisa.org.by/.    

Business program of the National Day will be amended by the performance of the Belarusian State Academic Ensemble «Khoroshky», the treasure of the national folk choreography. 

The official opening ceremony of the National Day of Belarus starts at 3pm. Participation of Mr. Andrey Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus is expected.

More information: https://expo2017astana.com/en/page_id=1853

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