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EaP Plus webinar 11: “Last calls in SWAFS and what’s new with Horizon Europe”


  • July 24, 2019
  • Poland

Post Date: Jul 9, 2019

On Wednesday, July 24, 2019 (10:00 Warsaw time), we would like to invite you to the 11th webinar of the EaP Plus project dedicated to the last available calls in SWAFS. We will also discuss the latest developments with the next research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe.

TheScience with and for Society’ (SWAFS) programme  is built around the following five strategic orientations:

1- Accelerating and catalysing processes of institutional change,

2- Stepping up the support to Gender Equality in Research & Innovation policy,

3- Building the territorial dimension of SwafS partnerships,

4- Exploring and supporting citizen science, and

5- Building the knowledge base for SwafS

and integrates Horizon 2020 cross-cutting issues and emphasises:

- Responsible research and innovation (RRI) including gender, and

- Enhancing the attractiveness of the research profession.


The Webinar will also present the latest information on the Horizon Europe - the next research and innovation framework programme.



The Webinar will be conducted by the experts from the Polish National Contact Point using the Skype for Business programme, so please check beforehand if this programme works properly on your computer.  

Follow this LINK to the webinar

With questions please contact: Olga.Zyrina (at) kpk.gov.pl

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