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Final Conference

A final Conference on “EU-EaP STI cooperation: Beyond 2020” will be organized to disseminate the main outcomes of the project, in particular the recommendations.

Task 5.4 Final dissemination conference

This event will:

  • Focus on the outcomes of the project that can lead to sustainable results;
  • It will be supported by various push-type dissemination tools and social media activities (on-line broadcasting through ResearchGate, well-prepared twitter campaign, printed leaflets, media session for journalists, newsletter, an informative but eye-catching Vlog, etc.).
  • The target group will include EU and EaP policy makers and representatives of the research communities, NCPs, EC officials, representatives of COST, EUREKA, EEN, ETPs, JTIs, European Parliament, etc.
  • In Brussels; during the 3rd year of the project; Approx. 60 participants

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