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Final Conference

A final Conference on “EU-EaP STI cooperation: Beyond 2020” will be organized to disseminate the main outcomes of the project, in particular the recommendations.

Task 5.4 Final dissemination conference

This event will focus on the outcomes of the project that can lead to sustainable results after the project's end.

It will be supported by various push-type dissemination tools and social media activities (on-line broadcasting through ResearchGate, well-prepared twitter campaign, printed leaflets, media session for journalists, newsletter, an informative but eye-catching Vlog, etc.).

The target group for the final dissemination conference includes EU and EaP policy makers and representatives of the research communities, NCPs, EC officials, representatives of COST, EUREKA, EEN, ETPs, JTIs, European Parliament, etc.

Preliminary informtion about date and place:

  • Location: Brussels
  • Date: possibly in spring 2019
  • The conference might be organised together with another similar event as a "jointly organised public event".

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