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WP5 - Communication, dissemination, outreach and exploitation


Ample communication and dissemination of the significant outcomes and results of the project is of key importance for visibility, exploitation of results and the sustainable development of the project. Thus, the project puts a very strong focus on dissemination and exploitation activities. A comprehensive portfolio of tools for the implementation and efficient management of dissemination as well as exploitation will beimplemented in this WP.

The specific objective of this WP is to increase the visibility of the project results/output to all the relevant stakeholders and contribute to an increased impact of the project. It is expected that this WP will enhance the coordination of exploitation and dissemination strategies and will ensure communication and exchange of information through an innovative set of activities including the web portal/website of the project, use of social media, communities of practice provided in the web portal, etc.

Tasks and Activities

Task 5.1 Coordination of communication, dissemination and exploitation

Task 5.2 Dissemination material and technical implementation

  • Activity 5.2a Project’s visual identity and dissemination materials
  • Activity 5.2b Web platform
  • Activity 5.2c Linkage with incrEAST
  • Activity 5.2d Social media – innovative ways of dissemination

In the slider below you can find images from the EaP PLUS Leaflet (front and inner side), EaP PLUS Poster and EaP PLUS Roll-up

Task 5. 3 Content management

Task 5.4 Final dissemination conference

The main measurable contributions of EaP PLUS grounded in the last objective (i.e. communication, dissemination and outreach) will be:

  • To organise a Final Conference on “EU-EaP STI cooperation: Beyond 2020” in Brussels to maximise its impact.
  • To develop a Communication Plan and Exploitation Strategy to maximise and measure the impact of the project’s activities based on the strategic priorities of the proposal that have been set.
  • To develop an Information system (website, webplatform) with provision for ‘communities of practice’ for groups of researchers targeted by the project and for innovative ways of dissemination through social media.

Lead Partner and Runtime

Lead Partner 17 - ZSI
Start Month 1
End Month 36

Contacts for WP5

Mr Philipp Brugner, brugner@zsi.at (web platform, dissemination material, content management)

Ms Margit Dávid, margit.david@rcisd.eu (social media)

Mr Raffaele Buompane, raffaele.buompane@ebn.eu (Final dissemination conference)

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