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Communities of Practice

Under Task 5.3. three so-called "Communities of Practice" will be managed by EaP PLUS. To each of the communities a certain work space is allocated within this section under 1.,2. and 3. In this work space members and the interested public might find specific information prepared for the respective community.


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The following three communities of practice will be supported:
  • EaP clusters supported by the grant scheme and their EU partners (under 1.)
  • EaP Technology Platform (under 2.)
  • TBD based on the stakeholder analysis in Task 5.1 

The specific target groups will be supported in their activities, reinforcing links among EaP members and between EaP and EU. They will be served with information and space for, (e.g. methodological materials, strategic research agendas, H2020 calls, but also materials related to EaP developments in these topics, etc.), as well as profiles (e.g. from LinkedIn, etc.) of relevant members of the community of practice from EU and EaP.

What does EaP PLUS do more concretely to support the communities of practice?


  • provides relevant informtion and news on events, calls, work opportunities, grants etc. collected from the EU-EaP STI sector
  • supports the communities of practice in their joint activities by providing them networking space on the website and via the EaP PLUS social media channels
  • reinforces links among EaP members and between EaP and EU counterparts by brining them together in such communities
  • features selected LinkedIn profiles of relevant members of the communities of practice both from the EU and the EaP region to facilitate the exchange of expertise
Communities of Practice - LinkedIn profiles

Below you can find a first selection of LinkedIn profiles featuring members of the three communities of practice both from the EU and the EaP region. Selected profiles are taken out of all three communities - EaP clusters & EU partners, EaP Technology Platform, TBD (to be decided based on analysis in T5.1)

If you are interested in networking or joint activities with the presented members, just browse their profile and get in touch!


If you have questions related to EaP PLUS' activities in regard to the Communities of Practice, please get in touch with

Mr Philipp Brugner, ZSI, brugner@zsi.at

Mr Yannis Kechagiaras, CeRISS, yannis.kechagiaras@ceriss.eu


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